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License Requirements

Keller Electric Ltd’s License Requirements in Ontario

Keller Electric Ltd has a license from Electrical Contractor Registration Agency (ECRA) and Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). In Ontario, you need to be a Licensed Electrical Contractors (LEC) to legally do electrical work.

Why Choose a Licensed Electrical Contractor?

When choosing an electrical contractor, be sure that they have an ESA/ECRA license number. All electrical work, whether you use a general contractor or other trade professional who subcontracts the electrical, needs to be done be a LEC.

Electrical work is dangerous. To ensure the safety of your property as well as individuals on it, hire an LEC who will have the expertise, equipment, and training to perform the job to professional standards. Hiring an unqualified and unlicensed electrical contractor can cost you. Not only could you face serious damage to your property, but loss of life.

When you hire a LEC, you are guaranteed a contractor who is fully insured, has the ability to arrange permits, and is fully qualified to perform the type of electrical work you need. An LEC can also offer a Certificate of Inspection and provide references.

Did You Know?

You’re responsible if an unlicensed electrician gets hurt on the job on your property. Additionally, your claim may even be denied if the insurance claim can be traced back to work that was performed by an unlicensed electrician. Only LECs are insured to protect you through arranging permits, inspections, and providing a Certificate of Inspection for your insurance company.

Ontario Contractor Licenses

Ontario requires specific trade licenses for many building and renovation contractors. While a specific construction license isn’t needed for employment in Ontario in general, large cities in the area may require it. Toronto, for example, requires building contractors to have a valid City of Toronto license before being able to enter into a written contract. Hamilton requires a license for those contractors wanting to perform building maintenance and repairs. More or less the rules for getting a license depend on where you live in a particular province.

Certificate of Qualification

A Certificate of Qualification or C of Q is needed to apply to some trades throughout every part of Ontario. These trades include electricians, gas fitters, sheet metal workers, plumbers, septic installers, and refrigeration and air conditioning workers. The C of Q means that the aforementioned tradespersons have completed the apprenticeship program and passed the provincial qualification exams. Certain criteria must be met before one can take the provincial qualification exam. These criteria show that the tradesperson is knowledgeable and experienced in their particular trade and include the following:

  • Apprenticeship program must be completed
  • The minimum industry standard for training time must be met and document by a certified official
  • A certified official must affirm that the applicant has gained the experience to be a skilled worker

For more information on the license and experience of Keller Electric Ltd, contact us. We’re based in Kitchener.

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