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Kitchener Electrical Work for Stores, Offices & Other Commercial Clients

Business owners can trust the experience of Keller Electric Ltd for electrical service installations, new construction and renovations, troubleshooting, and repairs. From retail stores to offices and everything in between, our electricians have the knowledge to handle your commercial electrical projects.

Retail Store Wiring

From display cases to overhead pot lights, our electricians can provide retail store wiring to fit your needs. We take into account your store layout, inventory, space, and goals to bring you wiring and lighting that fits your budget. Whether you need aisle lights, wiring for cash registers, or general panel upgrades, we have you covered.

New Office/Office Renovations

Creating a new office or renovating an old one? Hire our team for comprehensive electrical work at your office. We can wire for desk lamps and electronics, upgrade panels, and install ceiling lights. With our electrical services we ensure your employees have a bright and practical space to work.

Lighting Upgrades

Save on your energy bills by upgrading your old incandescent or fluorescent lights to LED versions. LED lights are far more energy efficient, using less energy to operate. They also need to be replaced less often which saves you from having to spend money on replacement lights. Try LED lighting today. Contact Keller Electric Ltd for more details.

Full List of Commercial Electrical Services

Here is our full list of commercial electrical services. Be sure to contact us with any questions you have about our services.

  • New retail installations and renovations
  • New restaurant installations and renovations
  • New office installations and renovations
  • Warehouse installations/warehouse lighting upgrades
  • Lighting installations and maintenance
  • Energy efficient lighting upgrades/retrofits
  • Emergency lighting systems install and repair
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